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Within a breast cancer center, breast cancer specialists provide care with the most modern technology for the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer. The diagnosis and breast cancer treatment runs hand in hand with the interdisciplinary cooperation of different fields such as radiology, radiotherapy and psycho-oncology. In so-called tumor conferences, each individual case is subject to all specialized disciplines and an individual treatment plan with the newest status of science is created.

Breast Cancer Diagnostic and Therapy is Developed with the Following Elements:

  • Breast Cancer Diagnostic
  • Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Breast Cancer Operation
  • Radiation tTherapy for Breast Cancer
  • Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
  • Breast Composition
  • Further Medical Therapy (antibody therapy, hormone therapy by hormone-dependent breast tumors)

Why Should I Undergo Breast Cancer Treatment with Specialist?
Of course a local gynecologist is an important contact person through the accompaniment of breast cancer treatment and later therapy. The diagnosis and the determination of breast cancer healing should however take place in a certified breast center, in order to benefit from the know-how of breast cancer specialsts and to profit from possible studies. Advantages of study participation include guidance during therapy and participation in the latest and most innovative treatment concepts. The fear of being used as a test guinea pig is baseless in this case.